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Fitness Cardio

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Cardio is aimed at training your cardiovascular system: heart and breathing. It allows your body to get in good shape. In addition, it can contribute to weight loss and burn fat. Are you also looking for a sports outfit? Then take a look at our range of fitness clothing . Still unsure about your purchase? View all benefits here of buying a fitness device at Decathlon.

Get in shape by exercising at home with Decathlon’s fitness equipment. Looking for a cardiovascular workout or aiming to build up muscles, Decathlon has the solution.  This section is focused on machines and tools to get you fitter. We stock cardiovascular fitness equipment and gym-standard equipment, like treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes.  If you're looking for muscle gains have a look in our body building equipment section.

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Price GHS3,500.00

Treadmill RUN100E Connected

Price GHS3,680.00

Weight Training Rack...

Price GHS4,090.00

Weight Training Compact...

Price GHS3,930.00

Self-Powered Smart Cross...

Price GHS6,400.00

Treadmill T540C Connected

Price GHS1,870.00

Basic Exercise Bike 100

Price GHS335.00

Weight Training Dumbbell...

Price GHS1,260.00

Reinforced Flat/Inclined...

Price GHS3,340.00

Training Exercise Bike 500