Horse Care

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or something out of stock? Rest assured it’s on the way. We’re working on making our full range of products available. As we expand our offering, we would love if you could tell us what you’re looking for.  A number of our products are also undergoing compliance tests in Australia.  More details are available here.

Looking after your horse's health is important for its development and long-term health, and the care horses receive can be the difference between them being difficult or pleasant to ride. If you're riding a horse, it should be getting sufficient exercise, but what else could affect its well-being? Ensure your horse's health by making sure it's well groomed, well fed and well cared for. A horse free from minor irritations, which may be as simple as having some mud stuck into its hair, will be happier and easier to ride. A currycomb is the ideal tool to help with this. Keep your horse in dry, well ventilated stables and ensure it has access to clean water to drink and a salt lick. We stock essentials such as horse rugs, grooming kits, supplements and more in our horse stable department.

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