Find a price lower than ours. Bring receipt of your purchase. We give you 10 times the difference back


Decathlon commits to purchasing power : EVERY DAY LOW PRICE

Decathlon will refund the difference, if you found within 15 days of your purchase an identical product sold cheaper in a competing store.

Documents to present :

Original receipt for proof of purchase in one of our competitors stores
Pro-forma original invoice (stamp and signature) from the competitor's store dated within 15 days of your purchase

Identical product or the same range of product :

Compared products must be strictly identical, ie same barcode, same brand, same packaging, same packaging and, for fresh products, same size and same origin.
They must be sold by the competing store under the same conditions of guarantee, after-sales service, ... Not concerned the market services (ticketing, travel,
financial or insurance products, ...), products offered in promotions or sales periods.

Competitor Store:

General or specialized retail store offering the same type of service and having the same distribution method as your Decathlon store. This excludes, for example,
distance selling networks (mail order, Internet, etc.), wholesalers or discount sellers. The competing store must be located in Greater Accra, at most 30 km by the
Decathlon store road.

Definition of the price :

The refund of the difference will be calculated the selling price actually practiced by the competing store. All forms of deferred rebates related to these products will
therefore be excluded, that is to say, any reduction on future purchases, printing errors or display of our competitor that he will have indicated by the affixing of
errata in his shop.

Respect of the regulations in force :

If the regulations prevent us (prohibition of reselling at a loss in particular), then we undertake to refund the difference between the price charged by our store and
the lowest price allowed.

Repayment Terms :

The refund will be made within 2 weeks and after checking in the competitors' store. If the purchase was made by check, the refund will be made after cashing the
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