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Weight Training Comfort Gloves - Black
  • Weight Training Comfort Gloves - Black
  • Weight Training Comfort Gloves - Black
Weight Training Comfort Gloves - Black



Weight Training Comfort Gloves - Black

  • Weight Training Comfort Gloves - Black
  • Weight Training Comfort Gloves - Black
Weight Training Comfort Gloves - Black
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The padding on the palm of these weight training gloves makes training much more comfortable when using bars or dumbbells.




Thick and flexible foam for maximum comfort on the palm of the hand.


Grippy material on the palm for improved grip.


Durable gloves with reinforced seams.
2-year warranty.


Rip-tab for improved fit during use


Ventilated knit on the back of the hand for added breathability.
Easy dressing

Easy dressing

Pull-tab system at the fingertips for easy removal.


Description of the 500 weight training gloves

These 500 black weight training gloves, shaped like a mitt, are available from XS to 2XL:
- XS: 18.6 - 19.3 cm / 17 - 17.6 cm
- S: 19.3 - 20.1 cm / 17.6 - 18.2 cm
- M: 20.1 - 20.9 cm / 18.2 - 18.8 cm
- L: 20.9 - 21.7 cm / 18.8 - 19.5 cm
- XL: 21.7 - 22.5 cm / 19.5 - 20.1 cm
- 2XL: 22.5 - 23.3 cm / 20.1 - 20.7 cm

Why use the 500 weight training gloves?

These 500 black weight training gloves allow you to:
- have a better grip in spite of perspiration
- have greater comfort thanks to the padded suede-like material on the palm,
- avoid magnesium, which can dry the hands,
- avoid touching equipment that others have used,
- protect yourself from blisters and calluses.

Why choose the 500 weight training glove rather than the 100?

Unlike the 100 weight training gloves, the 500 gloves have thicker foam on the palm to prevent small injuries and tension. No more excuses for missing a workout because of blisters!

What exercises are the 500 weight training gloves best for?

These weight training gloves are versatile, adapted to strict movements such as bicep curls, triceps, goblet squats, and strict pull-ups, as well as dynamic movements such as kipping pull-ups and toes-to-bar!

How to choose your weight training gloves

Nothing is easier:
- measure around the palm of your hand.
- refer to our size guide to help choose between the available sizes (from XS to 2XL).

If you're between 2 sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Comfortable knees as well as hands

For weight training with compromises, use knee pads (ref: 8548500) to provide warmth to your joints and reduce the risk of injury. No injuries anywhere.

Caring for your Weight Training Gloves 500

Depending on how often you train, we suggest washing them, in the machine or by hand, regularly (once every 3 weeks if you train twice a week).

Tips for storage and maintenance

Machine wash - 30° max - gentle
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean

Storage tips

store in a dry place.



2 Years